Mental Health Speaker, Actor, Writer

“Imagine you woke up tomorrow to a world without mental illness stigma.” -Victoria Maxwell, Bi-Polar Princess

Crazy for Life

Crazy for Life

Talk about a walk on the wild side…Crazy For Life, is a ‘tour-de-force’ one-woman show of Victoria Maxwell’s roller-coaster ride with bi-polar disorder. A brave, funny, and compelling look at experiencing, surviving, and coming to terms with mental illness. Actor/writer/educator Victoria Maxwell takes us ‘round the bend, and back again: from meditation groups to hospital psych wards, from black depressions to manic highs and psychedelic psychoses. Most memorable moment: joyfully running down the street… naked… in posh Point Grey, playing hide n’ seek with the Divine.

“Simply phenomenal. One minute, people were rocking with belly-laughs, the next they were reaching for Kleenex.” – Patrick Buchannon, General Manager, New Chelsea Society

“Artistically marvelous… the writing poetic, the delivery superb.”
Karen Freeborn, President/Artistic Director, Moonstone Theatre 

“Authentic…honest…with a transformative ending that will move every heart.”
-Aaron Bushkowsky, award-winning playwright of Strangers Among Us and The Waterhead

Directed by Rondel Reynoldson (White Trash Blue Eyes), Crazy For Life both entertains and educates, exploding stigmas, myths and revealing glimpses of one face of psychiatric illness. But at its’ essence, the play is a celebration of the richness of life, the strength of the human spirit and the power of the human heart.


So get ready! Get excited!


And get…Crazy for Life!