Mental Health Speaker, Actor, Writer

“The difference between mental illness and mental wellness is going from ‘I’ to ‘We’.”

-Victoria Maxwell, Bi-Polar Princess

Media Inquiries


media inquiries

Journalists and Broadcasters:

Victoria Maxwell BFA, BPP* Mental Health Educator, Consultant, Actor and Writer

Considered one of North America’s top experts on the ‘lived’ experience of mental illness and recovery and workplace depression, Victoria welcomes all media enquiries. Her unique combination of personal and professional experience provides a refreshing voice to the often taboo and serious subject of mental illness and depression.

To make it as easy as possible for you to create a piece about her, quote her, or use her as a resource in your publications, please download the following information kit (Canadian Kit, US Info Kit, College kit). If you do not find what you need, please feel free to contact her for further information.

View Victoria’s demo video (promotional video) to see broadcast quality segments of her solo show Crazy for Life and details of other work she does. Broadcast quality radio clips of her play are also available for use (permission is required prior to use).

As media deadlines are tight, Victoria is happy to be available on short notice for weekend and evening interviews, in addition to the daytime.

For a selection of promotional photos, see the
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Included in her kit is:

  • Victoria’s Biography
  • Keynotes and programs available for conference and in-house training
  • ‘Crazy for Life’ and ‘Funny…You Don’t Look Crazy’ solo show description
  • Client List
  • Testimonials
  • Mental Illness Quick Facts and Stats sheet
  • Brief outline of her popular ‘Recognizing Workplace Depression’