Mental Health Speaker, Actor, Writer

“Imagine you woke up tomorrow to a world without mental illness stigma.” -Victoria Maxwell, Bi-Polar Princess

Head Over Heels

Victoria Maxwell - Head Over Heels

A True Story about Dating and Mental Illness

Head Over Heels is Maxwell’s third solo show which follows her in her dating disasters and romantic relationships in and out of the psych ward.

Join her on this rambunctious ride of unexpected twists and awkward situations: from how to tell a date you have a mental illness, to the pros and cons of dating someone from the psych ward.

This funny and achingly truthful play reveals the hilarity that ensues from high flying manias but also uncovers the profound pain of loosing relationships not only with others but with oneself. It is a story centered on what we all wish for (yet may never admit): the desire to love and to be loved and to feel we belong – no matter what.

Like her previous plays Crazy for Life and Funny…You Don’t Look Crazy, Head Over Heels looks at both the light and dark side of living with a bipolar disorder, anxiety and psychosis.

It describes one woman’s do’s and don’ts in the game of dating and romance while living with mental illness, and shows us how to be comfortable in our own skin and to share that uniqueness with others.