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Crazy For Life (On Demand Downloadable File)

From: $20

Experience the smash one person play; Crazy for Life; performed live on stage! Travel with Victoria as she rides the waves of bipolar disorder, psychosis and recovery.

Add a live question and answer period with Victoria via Skype or teleconference, following the screening of her DVDs. Email Victoria in order to confirm she is available for a ‘Q & A’ on the date of your screening. Email For more info about ‘q & a’ sessions click here.

Each DVD can be individually autographed – please provide the recipient’s name.

Crazy for Talk DVD approximate run time: 57 minutes.

This Product is a web downloadable file only.   - Upon completion of your payment an email will be sent to the address you specified in your order. The email will contain a link to download the file to watch &/or save to your computer. Personal Viewing Usage link expires in 1 year & may be downloaded up to 20 times; Institutional/Support Group Usage link never expires & allows unlimited downloads.

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Personal/Home Viewing Use
(for personal use only – not for educational purposes or public screenings) - $20

*Institutional/Educational Use
(for use by colleges, universities, corporations, non-profits, independent health professionals etc. - licensed indefinitely for screenings and other educational purposes) - $100

*Support Group/Public Library Use
(for use by peer support groups and public libraries - licensed indefinitely for screenings and other educational purposes) - $50

Crazy for Life : Show Preview