Mental Health Speaker, Actor, Writer

“Recovery from mental illness IS possible.” -Victoria Maxwell, Bi-Polar Princess


Victoria Maxwell, BFA, BPP* is one of Canada’s most sought-after mental health
educators and speakers on the ‘lived’ experience of depression and anxiety in
the workplace and mental illness and recovery. She specializes in corporate
keynotes and workshops in depression awareness training, leading organizations
to recognize and decrease depression in the workplace and reduce its’ stigma, as
well as additional topics on mental health.

She draws on her 7 years experience as a mental health worker, 15 years as an
entertainer and individual who has lived with both bipolar disorder and anxiety
for more than 20 years.

Areas of Expertise

  • Mental Illness and Recovery
  • Early Detection of Workplace Depression
  • Resiliency and Overcoming Adversity
  • Work/Life Dilemmas
  • Mental Health Policy Consulting
  • Return to Work Strategies
  • Creativity/Lateral Thinking
  • Stigma and Diversity at Work

A wide variety of audiences use her services.

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Most popular conference and training package:

  • Crazy for Life solo show followed by an educational program

Individuals & Family

Educational Programs

  • Recovery and Personal Medicine: The Critical Connection
  • Personal Power and Recovery: Proactive Ingredients to Your Potential
  • Making the Most of Treatment: Recovery and Empowerment
  • Wilderness Tips for the Comeback Trail:Surviving to Thriving After Mental Illness
  • Meaning Out of Madness:Reclaiming Identity After Psychiatric Diagnosis & Trauma
  • The ‘Nut’ and Bolts of Mental Illness and Recovery: All You Want to Know About Mental Illness, But Were Afraid to Ask

Health Care Professionals:

Educational Programs

  • Making the Most of Treatment: Recovery and Empowerment
  • Helping Those Who Help Others: A Workshop for Health Providers
  • Recovery and Personal Medicine:  Understanding The Critical Connection
  • Rehab, Recovery and Rapport: The Connection that Creates Success
  • Recovery From Here to There – The Great Barrier Reef – A workshop of obstacles and answers
  • Meaning Out of Madness: Reclaiming Identity After Psychiatric Diagnosis & Trauma

All keynote performances & educational programs are eligible for CME (Continuing Medical Education) credits and CEUs (Continuing Education Units) for the American Medical Association (AMA), American Psychiatric Association (APA), the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and as well as many other organizations. Detailed learning objectives and further information available on request.

Schools, Colleges, And Universities

College Educational Programs

  • Ready, Set, Recognize: Detecting Mental Illness in Students & Supporting Recovery (for student, staff and educators)
  • Acceptance, Accommodations & Achievement:Returning to School Strategies to Reach Your Potential (a program for students)
  • Acceptance, Accommodations & Achievement:Returning to School Strategies to Assist Students to Reach Their Potential (for faculty & campus staff)

Also Available for Students and Educators:
Making the Most of Treatment:
Recovery and Empowerment
Helping Those Who Help Others:
A Workshop for Counsellors & Caregivers
Meaning Out of Madness:
Reclaiming Identity After Trauma

Businesses & Corporations

Educational Programs

    • Understanding Mental Illness in the Workplace: A workshop for Employers
    • Increasing the Bottom Line: Helping Employees Who Face Depression
    • Meaning Out of Madness: Reclaiming Your Work Identity After Psychiatric Diagnosis (a workshop for employees and their managers)
    • On The Road Again: Getting Back to Work After Mental Illness (A workshop for employees)
  • ABC’s of Stigma Busting: A 3-Step Directed Investigation of Stigma
  • The Managers Toolbox: Effective Mental Health Return To Work Accommodations
  • From Chaos to Calm: Portable Meditation for the Office

Support material and a more detailed description of Victoria Maxwell’s Seminars and Workshops are available on request.