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“Recovery shouldn’t be a possibility. It should be the expectation.” -Victoria Maxwell, Bi-Polar Princess


Jul 30 14

Let’s Be Rational When It Comes To Mental Illness:

‘Crazy’ people commit 5% of crimes; which means ‘Normal’ people commit the other 95%

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The truth is that people with mental illness commit about 5 percent of all crimes. So that must mean that so-called “normal people” commit the other 95 percent. Yet the media never goes out of their way to tell us that the perpetrator was considered to be sane and well-adjusted. Read more

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Jul 21 14

Think You’ve Been Misdiagnosed?

7 Tips to Approach Your Doctor

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Bipolar disorder (BD) can be misdiagnosed as depression. Diagnosis is a tricky ‘animal’ and no one should self-diagnose. Any conclusions should result from collaboration and conversation with your health professional. Having concrete information to take to your doctor can be an excellent spring board for discussion. Here are my tips to help. Read more


Jul 12 14

Sleeping Is the Balm!

8 Tips to make sleep the balm, not a bomb!

Psychology Today Blog

Commonly referred to as “sleep hygiene” (good sleep habits), here are some tricks for getting consistently good rest. For the record, I never thought my sleep was all that dirty. Who knew? OK well maybe the occasional dream, but still…Read more


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Jun 30 14

Not Being Sick Isn’t Good Enough!

Using a quality of life questionnaire to improve your life

bp Magazine Blog

What does ‘recovery’ mean to you? Less hospital stays? Reduction in symptoms? I think of a life lived with sense of well-being, regardless of the occurrence of depressive or manic episodes. It’d be great to be rarely visited by the dark demon tapestry of depression or the unnerving melted ideas of psychosis, but more importantly recovery is about having a good quality of life (QoL).

Well, Drs. Michalak and Murray of the CREST.BD research network have, over 5 years, developed a scale specifically for people living with bipolar disorder (BD). The Quality of Life in Bipolar Disorder Questionnaire (QoL.BD) is free to download, quick to fill out and easy to score.  Ideally it’s used over time (filled in 1x/month) in order to monitor changes. Read more…


Mar 20 14

Eating Disorder Stereotypes Hurt.

What size do you have to be to have an eating disorder?

Psychology Today Blog

Quick! What do you think of when you think of eating disorders? Bulimia? Anorexia? Women and girls? There are other shapes and characteristics to eating disorders – ones less well known, less stereotypical, perhaps more hidden but just as destructive. Read more…


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