Mental Health Speaker, Actor, Writer

“The difference between mental illness and mental wellness is going from ‘I’ to ‘We’.”

-Victoria Maxwell, Bi-Polar Princess

Q & A with a DVD Screening

Would you like Victoria come to your area but can’t afford a live performance?

Screen one of Victoria’s shows and have her Skype or call in for a LIVE ‘q & a’!

The package includes:

  • a DVD download or hard copy of a show
  • licensed indefinitely for profit/not for profit screenings and other educational events (savings of $100.00)
  • up to a 60 minute ‘question and answer’ session with Victoria via Skype or teleconference following the screening
  • “7 Steps to Escape Perfectionism, Anxiety & Depression” resource guide
  • “Catalyst for Creativity & Courage” wellness booklist
  • Eligible for CEU’s (continuing education units) for staff and may be eligible for extra credit for students. Objectives and CV available upon request.

The cost is $750.00. Email Victoria to confirm her availability for the date of your screening and book the ‘Q & A’. Email