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Consultation Packages with Victoria Maxwell

‘Creativity & Courage’ Sessions

What Creativity & Courage Sessions look like and include:

  • Pre-session ‘Catalyst for Creativity & Courage’ (CCC) questionnaire.

This series of questions gives you the chance to explore where you are now with creativity and the creative process (the enthusiasm, fear, and longing you may be experiencing) and where you’d like to go. It will also ask you what, if any specific project you’d like to focus on. Your answers provide me with valuable insight about what you want. If you wish and have a sample of something (ie: artwork, poetry, writing samples, workshop ideas, or any other creative medium) you’re welcome to send that to me.

  • 45 minute review of your ‘Catalyst for Creativity & Courage’ (CCC) questionnaire - Prior to our call I’ll go over your CCC questionnaire so I’m all up to speed and you get the biggest bang for your buck in our time together. I’ll also take a peek at any materials you sent me.
  • 1 x 60 minute ‘Creativity & Courage’ coaching session – Either by phone* or Skype, we explore where you and what tools will best help you get to where you want to go (creative writing exercise, monologue writing, artist’s dates, journaling) I have a whack of equipment in my creativity tickle trunk.). We will dive into some practices in the very first session going as slowly or as quickly as you like. After our first call, you’ll have toys to jumpstart your creative juices until our next session, or next steps to move on your cherished project.
  • 1 x 30 minute review of material – Before our next session, you can email me with any questions, or material you’d like me to take ‘a boo’ at. I’ll read and then suggest further steps.
  • 1 x 60 minute ‘Creativity & Courage’ coaching session - We continue to focus on important aspects of your process or project and outline strategies to keep up your momentum. If applicable, I’ll coach you with fun exercises to get you comfortable ‘on stage’. Or we can take time to practice delivery if it’s a monologue or talk, or walk through steps if you’re creating a workshop and wanting to build confidence.
  • 1 x 30 minute follow up call (within 4 weeks) – this call can be used in any way that’s most helpful (e.g.: to run through your piece, get feedback, ask questions, get further presentation coaching.
  • Recording of each call


*I have a flat rate long distance plan, so you don’t incur any phone charges.

Investment: $375.00 (plus GST)

Payment in full is required prior to session.

You walk away with:

  • A  tickle trunk of tools to keep your creativity flowing
  • Clear steps to refine your story, talk, solo show or project and bring it to flourishing fruition.
  • Feeling comfortable, prepared and dare I say excited to be on stage or speaking in front of a group

Your next steps:

  1. Do you have some questions? Email me to arrange a 15 minute chat.
  2. I’m in! Add the Sessions to your cart and make your payment.
  3. After your payment is made, I’ll email you to schedule our first session and send you the pre-session ‘Catalyst for Creativity & Courage’ (CCC) questionnaire. Whoot! Whoot! So excited to work with you!