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The ‘F’ Word & Bipolar Disorder: Thoughts, Tips & a Quiz

The ‘F’ word being ‘FUN’. What were you thinking?

I never thought much about fun until my shrink started asking me “What have you done for fun lately?”

Why is he asking me this? I have a serious illness. I come to him for serious help about serious life issues, serious medication issues. Why the hell would he think I was having fun? Managing bipolar disorder is a serious task! But then I saw the connection.

To be wholly well, I need my wellness plan to include all parts of life. A very important part ofhappy-friendship-day-background_zyzmyad_-300x300 life (that gets overlooked far too often) is having fun (or as the case may be, re-learning to have fun).


To be clear: my psychiatrist doesn’t ask me about fun when I’m in the midst of a severe depression. But he does when I’m fighting a mild one, feeling anxious, stressed out or not all together happy.


When I’m off kilter, it’s because, well, my life is off kilter. I’m usually overly focused on certain wellness tools (medication, exercise, Chi Kung, therapy, eating and sleeping well) and working so much that fun has fallen off my radar.

Am I saying those things are unimportant? An unequivocal ‘no’! They are essential. BUT – to have a full blown, wonderful, juicy life and for wellness tools to benefit us fully, we need to embrace all areas of our lives. And fun is one of those areas.

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